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Pixies Keep Toys and Games Team

Get to Know Us




Pixie saw a need in York that had to be filled. There were few places to get toys and parents wanted more options of places for their kids to go. She made Pixies Keep to be a place for every kid to be able to feel safe, make friends, and, most importantly, have fun!


Vintage Expert

Jay has always dreamed of opening a toy store and we're so excited to finally make that dream come true! His past experience selling collectibles and vast knowledge of everything Star Wars or vintage has dramatically helped in the success of Pixies Keep.


Assistant Manager

Kai's favorite part of Pixies Keep is all of the amazing people who come see us! He is always trying to make sure everyone is having fun and taken care of. If you ever need a smile on your face - he knows how to brighten your day!

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Lego is our adorable Shar-Pei/Lab mix puppy and also store mascot! She travels with us as much as she can and loves every minute of it. She is often featured on our social media pages and loves to walk the town to show off as well.

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