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About Pixies Keep Toys and Games

Our Store's Dream

Pixies Keep has been an idea of ours since we first moved to York. We love the downtown area so much and always wanted to help make it better. The more we lived here and talked to other parents and community members, we realized how much York needed a toy store – so here we are! We want to make our store a place for everyone in the community to gather and have fun.

Even adults can let their imaginative and fun side loose here! Go back in time with comic books and action figures from your childhood or have fun playing the latest editions of Magic the Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons. For kids we have Pokemon tournaments, Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons demos, and plenty of toys and costumes to play with (or in)!

The best thing of all? We have plenty of tables so come play with LEGO, board games, or card games or - just come and chill.

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